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Organic Corn and Seed Lead Generation Project

Corn is an incredibly productive and profitable crop that works well in organic crop rotations in many parts of North America. Corn is naturally an open-pollinated crop, with significant pollen movement up to one-third of a mile. Today, most corn varieties that are grown are hybrids derived from selection of open pollinated cultivars. Development of hybrid corn is a two-step procedure: 1) potential male and female parents are inbred for several generations to concentrate desirable traits; and 2) selected inbreeds are crossed to produce a superior hybrid with greater yield potential and other desirable traits than either parent. Today most commercial corn is single cross hybrid seed. Some organic producers prefer open-pollinated corn over hybrids. Advantages are that producers can save seed with open-pollinated types and possibly produce grain with higher oil and protein concentrations. Corn industry has great product scale. Our client is an organic corn producer. They had great seed projects and they take over 5 years about new usage arenas for corn. The purpose of this five-year breeding project is to reduce transgenic (GMO) contamination of organic corn grown in the U.S. by maintaining the integrity of organic corn seed. Organic farmers are not required to produce transgene-free crops, but they must plant seed that is free of transgene. An important objective of this project is the education of seed producers and organic farmers on how to use these “Organic Ready” varieties for reducing the incidence of transgenic contamination. Nowadays client would like to perform new usage arenas with potential distributors. They had a good lead generation sales strategy after our research adaptations. As the principle of the project security they believe us, now tables shows that our projection is working. Thanks to our client for their BonnyFood services preference.