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Reasons for Buying Pimlico Confectioners

Pimlico Confectioners was launched new products. They would like to learn reasons for buying their products and finding potential sellers. We made a good research and potential report for their future plans. This report provides comprehensive analysis about market growth drivers, factors limiting market growth, Market projections for upcoming years The United Kingdom is the second-highest consumer of chocolate in Europe, consuming approximately 11 kilograms per capita. Britain is also a major market for non-chocolate confectionery, accounting for about 23% of consumption across the continent. The industry comprises 390 companies who are expected to produce about £5.8 billion of chocolate and confectionery products in 2014-15. It could have been too mean to keep these delicious products in the UK so many European and Middle East counturies have them too. It’s estimated that more than million Pimlico product sold in the world. Pimlico’s jelly sweets, lollipops, novelty sweets and naughty’s which had created a whole new world of confectionery extremism that’s not strictly for kids. Tesco UK and are sellers, we had good approach and give potential report for new sellers. Great thanks for Pimlico Confectioners that they had used our services.