BonnyFood - Lezzetli Hediye Bloomy Meyve Sepeti

Greatest 2015 Welcome Edible Gift Research
Different cultures celebrate New Year with delicious food.
Consumers make a real research for finding trendy products. We make 5 type of research to European Countries and use 3 different products. Products are cookies, cakes and truffles. We find tree shape of these products and ask potential New Year gift researchers for the best gift. Cookie Tree, Cake Tree and Truffle Tree are 3 different formats. They had any chance to touch, smell or taste the foods. They just see the products and imagine hole. The result for the compare; -Ginger cookies always preferred by the users but they do not like the tree format. -Cakes are best celebrating items which you can put candles. But you had to eat in one day. -Truffles are lovely, seem tasty and they had shelf life. Users give the best point to Truffle Trees as its look like a tree much more than the others. thanks us for 2015 research report for “Yılbaşı Hediyesi” – Celebrate New Year products they explained that they take good feedback from Truffle products but for kind response “Bloomy Meyve Sepeti” product is best which includes fresh fruits and chocolate. They use truffles also in mixed products and made Santa head from cakes and truffles. Saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a theme of occasion is very lovely with Woody or Ring concept. For ginger cookies Cake Journalists give good feedback to hear the results also. We hope you will have a great happy new year with all delicious gifts. Edible gifts are best choice for all type of celebration.
Truffle Cookies Cakes